back pain management

Back Pain is unfortunately the reality for most people at some point in their life. In fact, more than 90% of us will suffer from back pain sooner or later.

When we started Fitcorp Asia back in 2002, we had one mission. To help inspire our clients to a more active lifestyle, live pain-free and help them to perform better and be the best they can be.

Fast forward to Physio Bangkok, we have helped many clients overcome constant back pain. If you have suffered from mild or severe pain, now you can become ‘Pain-Free’.

Usually, it is something we live with. Most ‘cures’ focus on short-term remedies, silver bullet solutions, or pain management through medications, or at the very best, stretching. No doubt some back and other pain issues if left untreated, can and may develop into more serious conditions.

However, over the last 20 years in the health industry, we have found that the most common cause of back pain and other musculoskeletal/joint pain is in many cases, the result of muscle imbalance. These imbalances trigger a neural response, sending signals to the brain to ‘warn’ you of a problem, and therefore resulting in pain.

If your pain tends to come and go, then this is a strong sign that the underlying issue requires far more attention before becoming a major issue resulting in surgery or serious pain.

Lucky for you, we have something to help you.

We have a solution to rework the body, realigning the body and correcting the muscle imbalances which is causing you pain.

At Physio Bangkok, we have developed a unique system with our physiotherapy team and exercise physiologists, plus under the guidance of our medical advisory board to develop a back pain solution that works for 99% of all clients who have been through our program.

You can visit for a free consultation before enrolling for any packages at Physio Bangkok or connect with them at 

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