Bangkok Personal Trainers: Youth Fitness Programs at International School of Bangkok (ISB)

Fitcorp Asia’s expert fitness coaches and young athlete conditioning specialists conducted youth fitness programs at the International School of Bangkok’s (ISB) Health & Fitness Expo in Bangkok Thailand on September 16th, 2009.

“Working with youth is very different to working with adults”, Daniel Remon, Fitcorp Asia’s founder and Thailand’s only Youth Fitness Specialist. “We break down youth into different age categories, 6-9, 10-13, and 14+. Each age group have unique needs, from the way we communicate, coach, give instructions and how they interpret information, he says.”

“Working with the younger youth is a lot of fun, they are more into what we call ‘Guided Discovery’ which is giving them the opportunity to find out for themselves the process behind movement.”

Daniel Remon is the Founder and Managing Director of Fitcorp Asia. One of Asia’s most exclusive and professional private fitness companies. Focused on delivering amazing results and unique personal and small group programs, Fitcorp Asia offers personal training, nutrition coaching, corporate health, fitness boot camps and weekend fitness retreats throughout Thailand and the Asia Pacific Region.

Fitcorp Asia is the only certified youth fitness company in Thailand and continues to innovate the industry through result driven personal trainers in Bangkok.

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