The Fitness Studios Making a Splash in the Bangkok fitness Scene – Fitness Bangkok

The Fitness Studio’s Making a Splash in the Bangkok fitness Scene

Bangkok has its fair share of fitness studios and gyms to cater for the needs of those in need to break out a sweat. Young and old, movement envelopes all the ingredients to catalyse one’s health to much-needed heights. While the majority of the registered fitness centres are housed within the compounds of hotels and […]

Healthy Habits to help kickstart the New Year – Fitness Bangkok

Healthy Habits to help kickstart the New Year

Habits just don’t dissipate when a new year arrives. In particular, one’s health habits are amongst the hardest ones to take up when the clock strikes 12 on 31 December.  New Year’s Resolutions: too many of us have them and too few of us hold onto promises they make. Statistics have shown that a mere […]

How to Make Your Fitness Business Stand Out in The Crowd – Fitness Bangkok

How to Make Your Fitness Business Stand Out in The Crowd

The fitness industry has never been as thriving as it is today. Across the world, millions of people understand that regular exercise is essential for health and well-being. Alongside the insurmountable evidence from the science community, many of us know that a good 1-hour on the gym floor can spike energy levels, boost metabolism, and […]

Whats FitnessBangkok – Fitness Bangkok

What’s FitnessBangkok?

The world of health and fitness-related companies is vast. The options are aplenty. And all created to make you better and healthier. With so many choices, the decision to make the right one that suits your goals, needs, and budget is plentiful. With Fitness Bangkok, all this is now properly organised and easy to navigate […]

Crossfit Gyms In Bangkok – Fitness Bangkok

4 Affiliated Crossfit Gyms In Bangkok

1. Training Ground At the Training Ground, this crossfit gym is a place with top quality crossfit training and a very encouraging environment located in two locations; Sukhumvit 69 and Rama 4.. They aim to help people discover a better version of themselves and achieve beyond what they could expect. The gym itself offers an […]

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3 Things to Consider When Looking For a Private Fitness Trainer

Depending on your goals and financial means, hiring a personal fitness trainer is considered more and more an option to lead a healthier lifestyle. Programmes tailored to your specific needs have proven to be one of the main reasons why people tend to lean towards opting for a one-on-one training strategy. Here are 3 other […]