crossfit gym

1. Training Ground

At the Training Ground, this CrossFit gym is a place with top-quality CrossFit training and a very encouraging environment located in two locations; Sukhumvit 69 and Rama 4.. They aim to help people discover a better version of themselves and achieve beyond what they could expect. The gym itself offers an enormous space with mostly CrossFit equipment and machines. On top of popular Crossfit classes, they also provide personal training programs for beginners who want to get started as well as nutrition service, online programming, and individual program designs.

2. CrossFit Arena

CrossFit ARBKK has a training ideology that instructs individuals of all shapes and sizes to enhance their physical health. The workouts here are different and also adapt to all levels of fitness to help everyone achieve their goals with a gathered community of friendly people who are very motivating and encouraging one another. Classes are available from 6.30 am until around 8.30 pm so you can choose your time slot if you are a beginner, then you must join three private sessions so you can get familiar with the sport and know the basic techniques.

3. Iron Hive Gym

Iron Hive Gym aims to provide you with an unsurpassed training experience. The concept is simple which is to build an area of confidence, by incorporating stamina sports and also efficiency training principles. This place offers well-known weightlifting and powerlifting classes focusing on correct and proper techniques and movements. Among those classes, you will find personal training sessions and in-house physiotherapy.

4. TenFive

This Crossfit gym provides a safe, enjoyable training space with certified coaches who are eager to help individuals reach their fitness goals in the fastest way possible with safety. They provide classes at different hours every day in the morning as well as an open gym for those who want to get a workout on their own. However, all new members including beginners need to undergo a few sessions with the coach just to acquaint themselves with this sport and improve form and technique.

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