Glute Squeeze : Simple Back Pain Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

Pain is something most of usually deal with till it gets too much and we seek help. Either going to a doctor for medication to reduce the pain or a physio to treat it.

And we continue to do the exercises for the minimum amount of time – when the pain subsides we stop doing them, even tough the Physio told us we need to do them daily and should continue to do them after the pain has gone to prevent the pain attack from coming back.

But how many of us actually continue?

Not many. And usually, the pain comes back.

So what do we need to do to motivate us to continue to do exercise on a sustainable basis?

One thought is that its too much effort, not part of our daily habits and requires more time and dedication than we are willing to invest.

So here’s a solution. What about an exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime, without anyone even knowing.

No its not Kegal exercises, but definitely something you can do while standing in a shopping line, waiting for the lift, standing IN the lift, or waiting for your coffee.

It’s the Glute Squeeze!

Glute Squeeze

Here’s how to do it.

While standing in a neutral position, squeeze your cheeks. Yep, just squeeze them. Then squeeze them hard!!

– Harder

– Harder!

– HARDER! As tight as you can – while still breathing 🙂

Relax and repeat.

Do this over and over again, multiple times, and focus on the intensity of the contraction.

This focuses on what we call ‘Isometrics’. A safe and super effective form of strength training that produces maximal contraction force which stimulates the nervous system and increases strength.

This will strengthen your Glutes, and switch on your nervous system to remind it, this is what your Glutes need to be doing.

See, one reason for stubborn lower back pain is weak Glutes. Often, its not about the lower back at all, other than the fact that it is tight, overworking and feeling stuff because the Glutes and Abs are not doing their job.

So retrain your Glutes how to perform, and you should see a reduction n your lower back stiffness, pain and tension.