How to Make Your Fitness Business Stand Out in The Crowd

The fitness industry has never been as thriving as it is today. Across the world, millions of people understand that regular exercise is essential for health and well-being. Alongside the insurmountable evidence from the science community, many of us know that a good 1-hour on the gym floor can spike energy levels, boost metabolism, and make us more focused.

With the rise of awareness surrounding the importance of fitness, the opening of new fitness centres opening up is also growing. Many entrepreneurs with a passion for exercise are grabbing hold of the opportunities, assuring that their facility outshines the already established ones. Be it with the latest equipment or extensive group classes, these new ventures often put forward their business through aggressive prices and heavy discounts in luring potential clients.

The Fitness Bangkok team understands that this is not always the most sustainable way as the battle for the customer is an ongoing one while offering similar services and training programmes. In the end, many new fitness centres deliver almost the same as what more established names are offering. Price and discounts are regularly the main drivers to getting clients in and keeping them buying packages and sessions. Whether you open your doors 24 hours a day or have additional HIIT classes outside office hours, the chances are that someone else already does it.

If you plan to open your gym, consider the following points as a means to stand out from the crowd and not follow in the footsteps of your competitors.

Find your niche

If you do not know who you market to, you market to nobody. Finding a niche – a specific demographic group (age, gender, sport) – is one of the main subjects one may need to put into a business plan before opening the doors to your fitness centre. It can also strategically market to corporate executives, housewives, youth or perhaps the physically challenged. 

Through market research, you may find new markets that are perhaps not getting the message through that you may be the solution for their exercise wishes.

Add value

Almost all the fitness centres purely use that one hour to be with you on the floor. Checking in, warming up, doing your reps and sets, and back to your normal life. Those working out and thinking about the aspects of health know that there is more to getting fit and feeling energetic than burning up a sweat.

From giving free seminars to looking for staff with a degree in nutrition, knowledge about the science behind sleep or perhaps a sports massage package expands the range of options under one roof. It makes it easier for clients to almost have a one-stop shop for all their health needs.

Build a community

Out of experience, clients know that some support in one way or another other can make a difference. Support on taking that first step while carrying some excess kilos can be a daunting endeavour. 

By building a community of similar-minded health enthusiasts, first-time clients have the opportunity to connect and ask for advice and recommendations when working out. The feeling of belonging to a new family, a fitness tribe, has proven to be an amazing tool for staying motivated and holding oneself accountable.  

Building a community can be done by organising outings, planning free training sessions or simply creating a private Facebook Group where anyone can share tips, ideas and, in particular, personal wins.

Narrowing your vision to only letting people move well is no longer sufficient. The industry is a tough one for personal trainers, coaches and owners with so many options to choose from. Be creative, think outside of the box and seek out options that complement your core business – your fitness centre – may well be the breakthrough you need to stand out from the crowd.

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