Personal Training Gyms in Bangkok

We are sharing the top 5 personal training studios to help you get fit, be healthy, and reach your goals.

Whether you are new to the fitness world or have been around for a while, one of the factors we have all faced is trying to find the right coach to help you achieve your fitness goals which can be about weight loss, having a healthy lifestyle, or gaining more muscles. You can find yourself feeling frustrated over time because maybe they don’t click with you, don’t understand your needs, or can’t deliver what you want. We have put together the top 5 personal training studios that will help you with your health journey and make sure you do it RIGHT at your own pace.

Now it’s time for you to get clear on your goals, do your research, and make an appointment for a consultation with a team as this is the only way that you can find out their philosophy, their ways of doing things, creating programs, going through strategic planning and make your experience for personal training more outstanding while enjoying the simplicity and getting the results you want.

1. ASPIRE Personal Training & Coaching

Aspire Coaching is the industry pioneer of health, fitness, and coaching in Bangkok. Their reputation as leaders is well deserved based on their high level of expertise, client results, and experienced coaches and specialists. 

Aspire is the first private training studio in Thailand. Established in 2002. a unique results-driven and science-based leader in the health and fitness coaching space. Focuses on one-on-one personal coaching sessions and customizes sustainable lifestyle coaching, nutrition coaching, and lifestyle modification. Incorporating genetic testing and HRV for a totally custom and science-based approach to results. Aspire also operated a physiotherapy and pain management clinic, incorporating corrective and clinical programs for all clients.

Their services also extend to corporate wellness, health retreats, and corporate leadership development, and high-performance life coaching with a targeted clientele of professionals, executives, and those looking to really achieve sustainable life-changing results to health, performance across all life domains.

Their integrated health approach to complete health and lifestyle management creates a very powerful method for performance, wellness, and longevity.

2. New Moves

Located at the Maneeya Center near BTS Chidlom, New Moves focuses on full-body and also varied exercise routines like functional training and strength training. Trainer Rob Chef designed each course to have its very own certain theme and programs to be fun and brand-new every time you visit to keep it fresh and exciting for participants. This place is great for people who really want to work 110% toward a sweaty session. It might sound tough but it’s still accessible to everyone.

New Moves is also a fitness education where that teaches people how to stay fit, be healthy, and be pain-free.

3. Cubic

Cubic can be easily found in Bangkok’s prime business district, the Mercury Ville. Cubic is a  fitness center ideal for any individual trying to find a custom-made exercise. They provide cutting-edge equipment, personal training programs, and sweat-worthy group classes. 

Cubic works with the principle of 6 core sides to the best health and fitness program; strength, endurance, dexterity, figure, nutrition, and also therapy, just like a CUBE. In addition, they also combine technology like team heart rate tracking and body structure scans with the latest sports science readily available.

4. Ontrack Gym

The newest gym studio & Well-being hub is located in Rama 4. They create programs that are suitable for all levels & age groups. The studio provides spaces with personal training and group classes from HIIT, Power Flow, Mat Sculpt, and Boxing & Bells. Newly open and if you are looking for a variety, this place is just for you.

5. BASE 

BASE has three locations in central Bangkok offering a mix of  HIIT and strength training with options for personal training and group class fitness.

All programs are based on science-driven high-intensity training. For personal training, clients get regular and also ongoing assessments to assist reach their specific objectives (and also, when there, preserve them).

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