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Bangkok has its fair share of fitness studios and gyms to cater for the needs of those in need to break out a sweat. Young and old, movement envelopes all the ingredients to catalyse one’s health to much-needed heights.

While the majority of the registered fitness centres are housed within the compounds of hotels and serviced apartments, the catch in finding the right one for your health needs is often not to be found here. Designed to offer services for short-term visitors and complement the ever-expansive needs to offer clients a healthy outlet, it is not the state-of-the-art hardware that sets the trend.

These gyms often lack the software – the human factor of professionally and consistently raising the bar high.

The people, coaches, strategies, and complementing services that truly accelerate results are what is missing. Partially integrated into a wellness concept of some nature – swimming pool, spa, healthy diets, and what else is marketed as “wellness”, true results have to be found in dedicated fitness and health centres.

As with many other cities in Asia, the Bangkok health scene has seen its fair share of success when operators offer something around the goals of the individual.

Here are three fitness studios that definitely have embraced looking for that niche and carving out paths for those in need of a healthier physique.

Aspire Coaching

Part of the FitCorp Group, Aspire Coaching is one of the very few fitness studios where the holistic approach to wellness is taken in-depth. Located on the 2nd (head office) and 3rd floor (private studio) of Jasmine Building (Sukhumvit Soi 23), the company has led the way since 2003 when Australian national Dan Remon founded the company as the first, riding the wave of corporate wellness, exercise and performance-driven strategies.

Since its inception, his diverse and multi-talented team of personal fitness trainers, nutrition coaches, corrective exercise specialists, corporate wellness specialists, and physiotherapists have risen above Bangkok’s city scene through highly individualised strategies. 

Aspire Coaching is by appointment only and offers complimentary consultations.

New Moves

“Changing the Way You Train” is the motto behind Rob Cook’s concept, a well-respected movement specialist who founded New Moves, a private fitness studio in the very heart of Bangkok. 

New Moves has set the tone in creatively weaving in movement and exercise through its themed group classes, private training and education. Rob’s enthusiasm for guiding clients properly through movement patterns has set a trend for those seeking new ways to move. 

Concepts such as animal flow, HIIT and power movements have given the New Moves crew a well-deserved spot in the fitness industry in Bangkok. It is the creative vision of the owner and founder of this performance centre in what way we are able to move as the foundation for its success.

New Moves is situated on the 3rd floor of the Maneeya Center Building, a stone’s throw away from Central World Plaza.

Encore Training Club

Slowly climbing up the ladder as a respectable fitness centre, Encore has done a number of things that have made it a reputable studio for those wanting to get leaner and stronger. Further away from the city centre, with its studio off Sathorn Road, Encore embraces basic movement strategies in a well-designed environment.

While its core business is to get you moving, and moving well, Encore has proven it is doing this well. An international team of trainers offers primarily group classes early in the morning or late in the afternoon/evening for those looking to increase their physique, build more muscle, or meet similarly minded exercise enthusiasts, and live/work around Sathorn, this may be a good spot to burn those calories and building up a sweat.

With a number of options available, Fitness Bangkok highly recommends checking out the various options before deciding which option suits you best. The value of a chat with the coaches has proven to be an important process to understand the philosophy of each private studio, opening and closing times, what type of assistance you may need before and after your training sessions, and of course, what your budget is.

While classes are a great step in understanding proper movement and becoming part of a community, Fitness Bangkok has seen better results when working with a coach who understands your goal and challenges.

Good luck in finding the right studio that suits your health needs!

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