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From battling office syndrome to going just a tad too hard on the court, for some, any level of pain is an inseparable part of their spectrum. The challenge to hit that volley or write that final email will put a strain on our bodies.

The tension or stress levels it delivers are noticeable through almost all muscle fibres. Albeit the soreness afterwards can be a temporary signal something has been achieved, more permanent ailments often are in need of more professional attention. Home-based remedies may not always give the relief you so desperately seek.

Physiotherapy and sport-focused massages are seen as the go-to and highly effective solutions. Strains and sprains, tightness and imbalances of such nature often do not need the attention of a medical specialist. And many of us will do all possible to avoid the hospital or general practitioner.

The extensive knowledge of how the human body works, moves and functions is one of the fortes of physiotherapists, particularly movement, mobility, and stability are to be analysed.

During a short poll by the Fitness Bangkok team with various personal fitness trainers, it becomes clearer that physios have one major advantage over doctors; they tend to want clients back in exercise mode as soon as they feel, clients are able to push themselves to the max. Whereas the medical world stops when the pain is gone, not driving forward with getting their patients fit again.

When in pain, and when the solutions where the pain came from, having that guidance from a licensed physiotherapist may be the first step; the second step has proven to be a game changer.

An ever-growing number of clients have reported having gained huge benefits when physiotherapists have upped their certification and experience with either a personal fitness trainer certificate or a sports massage license. Those only spearheading their expertise through their physiotherapy knowledge are not gaining a healthier momentum.

When looking for a physiotherapist, Fitness Bangkok is definitely seeing a positive trend of a hybrid position between physios and personal fitness trainers. The gains in strength, and knowing which movements work best to achieve fitness by knowing the patient’s case from A to Z, are assets you may want to consider.

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