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The idea that we have too little time to cook and too much work to do – be it at your office or your home – has resulted in a rising amount of food delivery services. Particularly around 2020, food apps mushroomed dramatically as a means to allow working families to order their menus online and delivered to one’s doorstep.

With brands such as Foodpanda, Grab Food, LineMan, and GET leading the food delivery in Bangkok, and new players such as Robin Hood entering the market, the choices of restaurants and bars offering their menus online continue to grow. Ease and comfort of not having to cook remain a forward-moving trend, including those seeking healthier options other than the most popular choices: fast food remains the primary hit.

Although Fitness Bangkok highly promotes the option of a home-cooking meal as a healthier option, the team does understand that everyone has other priorities outside cooking dinner. Therefore, we have tried, tested, and tasted some of the capital’s finest examples of health-oriented restaurants that also deliver their delicious meals to your front step. Here are three of Bangkok’s most popular food delivery services for the more healthy-minded.

Paleo Robbie

One of the main players in the health food delivery market is Paleo Robbie. Founded in 2013 by some young entrepreneurs who were not able to source real and healthy foods during their time in Bangkok, their success formula does not only revolve around meal delivery.

Its online supermarket offers both locally sourced and internationally imported meats and seafood, vegetables, nuts and seeds, spices, and other healthy delectables, often not to be found in your average Bangkok supermarket.

However, their daily meal delivery service – and with breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus matching the philosophy of Paleo Robbie – has long been on the radar of the Fitness Bangkok crew. The reason for this is that Paleo Robbie is adamant that real food should be real food – as nature intended. Looking for Keto, vegetarian, or building your own? Paleo Robbie has got you covered!


The ladies and gentlemen behind Tonic have carved out their niche in the health food delivery service. Since its inception, the team has created numerous meal plans and diet options for those looking for conscious decisions. Focussing on variety and wholesome choices, depending on your wishes, Tonic offers meal plan solutions ranging from 5 to 30 days of meals served all around Bangkok, ranging from 1 to 3 meals a day.

Online, clients can choose from Tonic’s recommendable menus, including the caloric numbers, as well as offer hungry patrons the chance to tailor meals at their discretion. Aside from quality food, there are options to complement one’s meal plan with healthy snacks, fruit bowls, and protein.

Tonic also operates its own restaurant, so a visit to get a bit of the healthy goodies without waiting for delivery makes Tonic certainly one of the more diverse health options.

The Nutrichef

It is the science that drives the team behind Nutrichef. An analytical approach towards meal preparation – whether you look for a more macronutrient-favorable dish or perhaps a more micronutrient-focused meal. 

Their core business is what has been their rise to fame: delivering everything under the sun with taste and health at the helm. Void of gluten, vegan meals or perhaps looking for a dairy-free option, The Nutrichef has been steering towards plant-based options. But meat lovers, fear not; there are still ample choices to indulge sustainably in one of their weekly plans.

For Nutrichef, designing a meal plan catering to a personal goal or wish is what sets it apart from other health food delivery services. All weekly plans are divided into various categories, be weight loss, strength and conditioning training, or perhaps looking into a more Keto-stye gastronomical treat.

The options in health food delivery services continue to grow as Bangkokians are becoming more aware that good and real food is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Fitness Bangkok has other options in its database should these above-mentioned options not tantalize your tastebuds. Our nutrition coaches and advisors are at your disposal for a chat when you are looking for sustainable food choices.

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