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Depending on your goals and financial means, hiring a personal fitness trainer is considered more and more an option to lead a healthier lifestyle. Programmes tailored to your specific needs have proven to be one of the main reasons why people tend to lean towards opting for a one-on-one training strategy.

Here are 3 other things to look into when choosing a private option.

1. At home or inside a studio

While many condominiums and apartment complexes do have their own gym, it is not always equipped with the essentials for proper training. Personal fitness trainers often carry some accessories with them for exercises, and many clients choosing an at-home session may not have access to what is really needed.

Convenience remains an advantage as clients do not need to travel, irrespectively of what the weather is. 

Fitness centres and private studios are often better equipped in handling a variety of exercises, particularly when it comes to weight lifting. Aside from a pool of personal fitness trainers working for the centre who can handle personal training, the additional resources available at fitness centres, particularly on topics such as the right nutrition, adding a personalised session with a nutrition coach can really be beneficial.

2. Qualifications

The fitness industry has a plethora of certifications, each with its own specifications and qualifications. A variety of professionals offering their services without affiliation with a reputable fitness centre may not always possess the right skill and knowledge set for setting you up for health success. It is worth verifying the qualifications before entrusting them as your exercise guide.

Fitness centres, on the other hand, have ample experience in sourcing the right trainers and coaches to pursue the vision, mission and core values of that specific fitness centre. Screening quality, verifying that the human touch of coaching is appropriate and whether they have what it takes to make it on the floor.

3. Other fields of expertise

Clients often forget that obtaining good health is more than just regular movement. From sleep to nutrition, the areas for improvement often go beyond what is happening on the gym floor. An integral solution to reaching goals before and after a 1-hour bout of exercise is what is happening when at home, at work, or when doing other activities. 

Especially with more and more people trying to lose weight, finding the right personal trainer who knows your ins and outs when it comes to food and sleeps quality has been proven to be a game changer for many success stories. 

Fitness Bangkok has a broad experience for choosing the right personal trainer for your lifestyle and budget. It is highly recommended not to go for the first one near you. When visiting the private fitness centres to see how they can assist you in your personal fitness goals, be sure you have some questions with you connected to your goal, your wishes, and what you do and do not like.

Also, always ask what kind of support the personal fitness trainer provides outside the workout sessions. 

Good luck in finding the right personal trainer in Bangkok

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