Bangkoks physiotherapy environment

Fitness Bangkok recently had the pleasure of having a chat with Physio Bangkok, one of the latest players offering physiotherapy and postural correction treatments.

Situated in downtown Bangkok, within a short walking distance from Asoke BTS and the Sukhumvit MRT, the small studio inside Jasmine Building (corner of Sukhumvit Soi 23 and Sukhumvit Road, 2nd floor) is part of the FitCorp Group, an established corporate wellness company, known primarily for its personal training under the brand Aspire Coaching.

Headed by a Dutch and Thai physiotherapist, Physio Bangkok was created to ensure that people deserve a pain-free life and are able to move freely and work towards their fitness goals. Both therapists are fully licensed and accredited and do have personal fitness certifications, making them one of the few physiotherapists with added skills.

The company’s vision is to ensure that pains and ailments are not treated on a superficial level but more looking at the root cause. Through the combination of science-based tools and traditional methods, the team has embraced little-known methodologies in bringing clients to a better version of themselves. The MAT assessment and ActivForce motion and strength technology are unique selling points, Physio Bangkok is putting forward as its unique selling point.

Additionally, the physiotherapy team has full access to the Aspire private training studio, enabling clients to move and assess clients on a fitness floor. Both therapists have ample experience with treating sports injuries, office syndrome, rehabilitation programs, and movement assessment and corrections for young and old.

The team offers a free consultation for all first-time clients. Additionally, Physio Bangkok offers flexibility in moving clients out of the treatment room and onto the fitness floor, when needed. Clients who require treatment reports for insurance claims are able to request this at no additional charge.

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